Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Musical Sort of Day

I have been enjoying what I would like to call re-connecting to music in the past year or so. I used to LIVE for music, I still kinda do but when I entered University life as I know it just plummeted into nothingness. A first real relationship and University sucks the time DRY. Not that I regret it or anything as I did learn a lot about life, I graduated from one degree, dabbled in another and hope to finish this current one sooner rather than later. Plus the extensive long term relationship with my first love recently ended quite well although in hind site it should have ended earlier but we were too afraid to take that step cause you get used to hanging on.

Last year I broke my foot and I really took the time to sit back, contemplate and reassess my life. I looked into the past in order to see how I can learn from what I have experienced. I learn from the past, live for today, and look forward to the future. Now that I have time for myself and I am around more people with similar interests on a daily basis I am able to do what I want (art, music, sports...whatever) and be quite a bit happier.

So for today I am going to post music because I have lost touch from it and have been enjoying getting back into it, albeit very slowly with some bumps here and there. :P There are WAY too many vids to post. So I only have a selection here...which will still be way too much, but I dun give a shit 'cause i love the songs.

Oh BT, reminds me of good times. Night time driving in a foreign city to just walking the streets of European cities

Paul Oakenfold's Essential Mix...This is only one part of many. This stuff is epic.

So nostalgic...

The sound of Death is the Martyr of Beauty reminds me of a foggy morning in the forested hilly countryside with sun peaking through to shine on the dew drops.

Skinny Puppy! Reminds me of grade school and just hangin out in the warmer months. I love the video too.

NIN always a fav. Fuck yeah Trent Reznor

Bowie and Reznor = AWESOME. This music video is fucking great too. Makes me laugh everytime.

Gary Numan and NIN = EPIC!!!!!! FFFFFFFFFFFFFF. I wish I saw this. Shoulda seen the show in London. Would have been worth it. FUCKING AWESOME! Reznor's cover of Metal was fucking great too but this is just exponentially more epic. god damn.

The Major Tom story:

(1980) -- My friend sent me this awhile ago, had to include it cause the kid is cute

(1995) -- Love the long hair. For real. Too bad it wasn't dark

That was satisfying.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

They Found One!

Gliese 581g is a planet that orbits the star Gliese 581 about 20 light years away.  It is located in an area and is of a size that puts it in the "habitable zone" and therefore possibly allowing life as we know it to exist.

Discovery news link:

 If you are super keen here is the link to the press article:
"GJ 581g, a minimum-mass 3.1M⊕ planet orbiting at
0.146 AU with a period of 36.6 days. The estimated equilibrium temperature of
GJ 581g is 228 K, placing it squarely in the middle of the habitable zone of the
star and offering a very compelling case for a potentially habitable planet around
a very nearby star."

and a rather awkward video:

and now a not so awkward and shorter video:

Fall, Clouds, Rain, Sun, Lots O' Worms

Nice day for a walk and some pictures

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Civ 5, StarCraft II and Minecraft may ruin my semester has begun. I have spent way too many hours on these games in the past few weeks. When Civ 5 came out I must admit I left school after one class because I wanted to play the damn game. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. WHYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!


What up?  So whatever I happen to come across or think of at the moment is likely going to be written down on this blog.  Just a random assortment of information, which is how I like it.  Sit back and relax or be totally appalled.  The choice is yours.   

Does anyone have grandparents or great grandparents who smoked pot?  I talked to my very religious grandparent's today on my mom's side and my grandmother (who is in her early 80's) said she should smoke weed everyday.  Yeah I know...HURR HURR SMOKE WEED ERRYDAY! WHAT UP SNOOP DOGG.  Seriously though, I was like...whoa shit...alright cool.  Too be fair my grandmother is not as religious as my grandfather but still.  My grandfather wants to make his own whiskey once each to their own.  I wanna make the beer.  I love my grandparents.  On the other side of the family my great grandparents would smoke a joint occasionally so good on them.