Friday, October 1, 2010


I am seriously appalled by how little grade school math teachers know. After taking a few education classes in Uni I am even more convinced that grade school teachers know shit all. Although to be fair there are a select few of them who are super intellegent, helpful and very good at teaching and therefore deserve a much higher wage then fat, useless, stupid, bitchy stresscase teachers. It also sucks when University teachers who actually know the shit can't bring it down to a level of understanding that suits the class or that they just don't give a shit.

Anyways, so a friend of mine was initially having a little bit of trouble in Calculus and all in all it is because the teacher is completely useless. As I was thinking about this and helping people with questions I realized that many people don't know or don't remember their Fundamental Identities or the Unit Circle or anything. LEARN IT!!! It will help you greatly and save you much time in the end. I didn't know shit about those things really until my second Calculus course and in hindsight I could have saved myself a shit ton of trouble by learning such simple things. It also helps to really understand and learn the basic steps of derivatives and integration instead of just rote memorizing questions without really understanding as a lot of people tend to do.  Yeah you can still get by doing math through rote memorization and depending on the teacher this can get you by quite well but it can also fuck you over later on in future math classes.  Once learned these skills can be applied to a multitude of other classes as well.  The rules I have learned in math have also been very useful in computer, biology, chemistry, atmospheric, earth sciences and physics classes.



here are lists of differentiation identies and integral identities.  At least learn the general rules and the trig rules.
Differentiation Identities
Integral Identities

If you are in math and learn these then it will help out a shit ton.  Also, when you do "u substitution" for integrals remember that "du is the derivative of u"...I have no clue why...but most people write it down and do the question without actually knowing this fact.  Weird.


  1. I'm really quite terrible at math): I could learn it if it didn't bore the hell out of me.

  2. Dude, don't worry cause I am pretty terrible too. I felt really bad for my friend so I decided to post something about it. lol. Yeah it is boring as shit, but I hate to admit that it did come in handy in other classes I have had to take. yuck. P.s. I saw one of your earlier posts on your page and if you are interested in Geology its actually pretty fucking cool and it is well worth the effort if you are genuinely interested even though it takes a little bit more work. You will eventually stumble upon something you really like. Also. M83 is great.

  3. i do see your point, i know a few people who are at uni doing primary teaching and their usually not the people with the most common sense

  4. Holy shit dude, I can't even multiply very well. This is greek.