Thursday, October 7, 2010

Turkey: The Crossroads between Europe and Asia

It would be nice to travel to Turkey. Such an interesting place full of so much history and wonders. I was seriously thinking about travelling to Turkey in this last year if I wasn't so poor and if getting there wasn't so expensive.

Turkey has such a diverse and beautiful landscape that it would be very difficult not to travel into the countryside. From the extensive coastlines along the Aegean, Black and Mediterranean seas across the Anatolian Plateau to the Pontus and Taurus Mountains there is so much to experience .

Earthquakes are a slight concern but well worth the risk of seeing such a beautiful, eclectic and somewhat controversial country.

Travelling along the legendary walls of Troy, seeing the glorious facade of the Library of Celsus, and visiting the massive Sutlan Ahmed Mosque would be one of many thing to do in Turkey.  

Personally one of the top places for me to see would be Pamukkale where hot springs in the area have developed beautiful travertine terraces.

It would be imperative to take in the culture by wondering the streets and Bazaars of Istanbul, Ankara and other great Turkish cities haggling for a bargain on jewellery, pottery and carpets all the while taking in the sounds of foreign music and the smell (and taste) of spices, tobacco and fuck awesome food.

Ohhh god food...god damn Turkish cuisine why do you have to be so delicious?!?! Where to start...if your on the go grab a kebab and some fresh ayran. If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth grab some baklava or lokum. Yaprak Dolmasi is fucking great. So are other dolmas and sarmas. There is a ton of variety of meat dishes especially lamb...YUM!

Fuck, there is a wide variety of any type of dish. Pasta, meat, veggies, everything. God there is so much delicious food I would need a whole blog dedicated to it.


In terms of drinks I don't think Turkish beer is all that great from what I have heard although I would be willing to try it. Local Turkish wine wouldn't be too bad depending on the region. The traditional alcoholic beverage Raki flavoured with anise would probably be pretty tasty and I would be quite willing to try it (unless I already have and I don't remember). In terms of non alcoholic beverages I would definiately go for black tea, turkish coffee, sharbat and perhaps some boza or sahlep.

 I'm hungry, time for a snack.


  1. I never really considered turkey for a vacation. looks phenomenal though... the picture of spices sold me on it actually.

    oh yeah and that bath.

  2. I started looking into it this past year and I was really just naive about it before, but it seems super interesting. I looked into it a little more this week and this is when I SERIOUSLY conisedered travelling to Turkey at some point in my life. Not the top of the list but its on the list.