Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

I really liked the "recent" Sherlock Holmes movie (I know a lot of people didn't but meh that's fine), so I felt like posting a couple of my favorite scenes.  Robert Downy Jr. is one of my favourite actors too so I am a little biased, but nothing wrong with that ;)

As shitty,lonely and/or frustrating as my days may get these scenes always bring a smile to my face.

Sherlock Holmes fight scene.  Link below since embed disabled.
Sherlock Holmes Fight (YouTube link)
The fight scene is great.  The fighting is superb and it shows the clever, calculating intellect of Holmes.  Also I like the scence right before this where Holmes analyzes Mary only to end up eating steak by himself. 

The bed scene (for kicks)

I always liked casually reading the Sherlock Holmes stories as a child, there was always something about them that brought me back.  There are many times it seems I can relate to Holmes, perhaps this is what brings me back to reading the stories or watching the shows/films (as terrible as some of them may be). 

I can appear to be a melancholic, cold, aloof asshole but if I am in the middle of a grand adventure or into something I truly love then I am beaming and passionate...regardless of what mood I appear to be in.  I am observant, perceptive, precise, deductive, knowledgeable, and logical.  I like to learn many particular skills as long as I deem them useful.  Logic and science are my life and anyone I have trusted has betrayed me or left me in the dust, usually at the worst possible time.  I am very weary of the opposite sex and even of the same sex so therefore I am a loner who divulges in my own self interests to ease /shield the pain and make life more enjoyable and interesting.  I can still be decently appealing and charming to the opposite sex (even though I am a little eccentric), but time has told me I have bad luck and should remain alone.  There is that one however, there is always that one.  I love the intrigue and espionage involved in the adventure.  Oh yeah, can't forget Canne de combat (French cane fighting), don't know that one yet but its fucking awesome.

Of course there is always a needed "side-kick", even for a loner.  Someone who keeps me going even though they may not know it (because I can be an arrogant, stubborn ass who doesn't admit it).  I may be moody and cold but there is always a strong bond between my Watson and I.  My Watson calls me when I sleep in or when I do not show up when I am supposed to.  My Watson kicks me in the ass when needed and tells me to get my act together, but at the same time is also calm and encouraging.  We go on great adventures together and have quite a grand time.  All in all I love my little Watson. 

Oh yes...and the dog...well there isn't quite a dog yet...or I have accidentally done away with the thing...maybe it's time for a new dog.


  1. I really want to see this flick. I missed it when it was in theaters. I had heard about this fight scene from a buddy of mine. I like how they actually portrayed him a bit more like he was in the stories. He wasn't just some kind genius, he was a complete dick and a coke-fiend AND a genius. I like that mix. Thanks for posting a few scenes.

  2. hey, Doc Watson here. You're welcome buddy, I love you too! i wont be leaving you in the dust anytime soon... except when i have to get a job in a diff city, because they arent exactly hiring in our field (of mystery solving, espionage, and violent crime fighting) much here anymore... this city is too clean for our skills! but when you are done "training", join me wherever i end up, and we can continue to pull all nighters bringing down Little Puppy, and other bad-guys of the type.
    ps. Robbie D Jr. has some freakin sweet abs. HELLO!
    pps. you have NO idea how many word verifications i had to fill out to post this thing!

  3. @Ankiseth: The movie was awesome, totally worth it. Yes, I really like how they portrayed what I thought was a good rendition of Holmes.

    @skrysa: Ah my Watson, I can always count on you. So much loyalty. LOL.

  4. Almost forgot about this movie till I saw this post. I am a pretty regular fan of Sherlock Holmes, I used to watch the old Basil Rathbone ones, and the movies they used to play all the time on PBS. At first I was unsure if this one was going to turn out all right but from what ive gathered in reviews it looks like a winner